Ambassador of the Year

The Ambassador of the Year Award is given annually to an Ambassador member who has gone beyond the call of duty to serve the Ambassador organization. This individual should really embody the mission of the Ambassadors of the Saint Paul Festival and Heritage. In order to receive the Award, a nominee must be a member of the Ambassador organization with current dues paid. The recipient can be a general member, board member, or a Past Board or Ambassador Member.


Congratulations Karen Aaker, our 2016 Ambassador of the Year!

“When Karen commits to something, she does it with a full heart employing every one of her talents and all her time to making the outcome successful.  Over the past two years as Chair of the Donations Committee, she has gone above and beyond what could ever be expected.  This past year she solicited over 50 items for both the Candidate Dinner Silent Auction and the Fashion Show Raffle. The proceeds from these items were substantial and exceeded our goals in raising money for the Ambassador’s Organization.  In the case of the Fashion Show Raffle, it is the most money ever brought in through the Raffle! Karen is a person who exemplifies what we all strive to be as an Ambassador. She takes her responsibilities personally and seriously, never wavering in her commitment for an excellent outcome.  She is welcoming to everyone and offers to assist others with their duties even though her Ambassador and work responsibilities keep her more than busy.  She truly loves this Organization and has made a positive impact on the members and the bottom line through her organizational skills, attention to detail, work ethic and her natural desire to be as inclusionary as possible.” Congratulations, Karen!


Anne Auger, our 2015 Ambassador of the Year!

Anne Auger has been a great contributor to the Ambassadors in recent years!  She was the South Wind Princess in 1972, and her daughter, Lindsay, was South Wind Princess in 2012.  After her daughter’s wonderful experience, Anne wanted to give back to the Ambassadors, and served on the Board of Directors as a Wardrobe Committee member.  Anne dedicated herself not only to the regular Wardrobe duties, but worked tirelessly to improve and set a new standard of excellence!  The Wardrobe Committee has a difficult year-round task, and Anne’s dedication and persistence truly has made her worthy of the title “2015 Ambassador of the Year!”






Cathy Schneeman, our 2014 Ambassador of the Year

Chaired the International Visitng Royalty for the 125th Anniversary.  Hosted 125 guests

Chaired the Sal LoBaido Award Dinner 2010-2014.  Boreas Mentoring committee- 2011-2014

Ambassadors Duties:

UGC rep 2012-13

Treasurer 2012-14

Chaired the Ambassador Directory 2013-15











Jacquelynne Whitner, our 2013 Ambassador of the Year

She may be petite in physical stature but surprise, surprise – she is filled with an enormous spirit.

Her integrity, good will, entrepreneurship and commitment have been demonstrated especially in her ownership of the successful sales of the Ambassadors Directories, the Ambassador pins. Her successful salesmanship has allowed the Ambassador sales now to be part of many SPFHF events. Her charisma and creativity have also been shared with us in the creation of a revised display system drawing attention to Ambassador items that were for sale as well you will always see her wearing a sample inventory on her vest.

Additionally she has volunteered with in the organization as a seamstress for the Royal Wardrobe Committee, and an advocate for our organization while serving as the 2013 Queen of the Northlands. Her energy in fulfilling the overall mission of the Ambassadors of SPFH of Winter Carnival is outstanding. 


Kerri Maas, our 2012 Ambassador of the Year

Kerri Maas has served on the  Ambassador Board for 3 years (now 4 years) as the Wardrobe co-chair.  There were many tasks that come along with being on the wardrobe committee. 

During the candidacy program she meet with the candidates many times to give them packing lists and make sure they had everything they would need for when they are crowned and are prepared for what will happen the night they are crowned. Including the sashes, booking the hotel and the shopping for clothes. 

Kerri also recruits our fabulous seamstresses that will stay up all night and fit the wonderful wardrobe to the five lucky ladies.  It is a long night but it is filled with sewing, steaming ,laughs and many memories.

Kerri also served as the 2002 West Wind Princess and serves as the President of the Past Princesses Association. She enjoys spending time where her two wonderful boys at home or at the hockey rink.