Board of Directors Openings

Open Ambassadors of the Winter Carnival Board Positions 2019-2020

Wardrobe (1 position) – The Wardrobe position is a 3 year term and will be working year round to not only assign the clothing the current Royal Ladies will wear throughout their reign but also continue to purchase the royal wardrobe for the following year.  This role will work closely with the Royal Ladies to set their outfits for their appearances as well as assist them in maintaining the clothing throughout the year.  This board member excel's in organization, money management and communication skills.  They  must have ample storage space for clothing, enjoy shopping (mainly online) and be affluent in google services (gmail, google docs, google slides etc).  This member is does not have to have held any official character role but it is helpful to have knowledge of the type of events the Royal Family attends to help pick out appropriate outfits for events.

If you are interested in any of the following positions, please fill out the PDF form below and send the completed application to Kelly Reykdal -