Charitable Contributions

Charitable Giving

At the annual meeting the Ambassadors also give a $1000 gift to a local St. Paul charity. If you know of a deserving charity in the St Paul area who could benefit from this donation, please give the Ambassadors the information. In the past the Ambassadors have given to a number of charities that are a considerable help in the area. So if you have a favorite charity please let the Ambassadors know.


CONGRATULATIONS to our 2019 Charitable Contribution Recipitants this year!


“Each year, thousands of new parents across Minnesota are stretched to bring their baby home from the hospital with even the most basic supplies such as a safe place to sleep, diapers, wet wipes, clothing, receiving blankets and other essential items. Founded in 2009, Second Stork, located on St. Paul’s west side, is a Minnesota non-profit that fulfills this real, immediate need by providing those critical items free of charge with no strings attached.Second Stork works with social workers and nurses at all hospitals in Saint Paul and the 7 county Metro Area and are beginning to expand to outstate Minnesota were volunteers can be found. At their discretion, healthcare professionals can give diapers, wipes, playards with a bassinet attachment, and clothing sets provided by Second Stork to families in need. Second Stork is 100% volunteer based (no paid staff anywhere in our operations) and our location is nearly totally donated as well. That means that close to 90% of your donation goes directly into purchasing critical newborn supplies or other ways that keep our operations flowing. Second Stork also accepts only NEW newborn size items as hospitals cannot distribute previously used items. This wonderful non-profit is working to help thousands for families each year as they welcome their new little bundles of joy.” 


Welcome Home Veterans

“Welcome Home Veterans provides all of the essential items needed for a veteran to move into their new section 8 housing after spending countless days, months, years without having a place or items to call their own. The transition from homelessness to home can often be a tough one. With a new home comes new responsibilities and items such as a laundry basket, cleaning supplies, bedding, towels and more. Welcome Home Veterans takes care of the daily essentials so that when a veteran steps into their home, they can take a moment to enjoy their place of safety and put their focus into this new life they are about to embark on. Welcome Home Veterans provides all of the essential items to kickstart a veterans brand new life in a home they can call their own.  Welcome Home Veterans is 100% volunteer based and every dollar donated or fund raised goes straight back to the veterans. Welcome Home Veterans is a one of a kind organization working to help combat a problem not only the state of Minnesota faces but the entire country. For those that risk their lives serving our country, the veterans should be able to enjoy a home of their own with items that they can call their own. Respect earned, is respect given and with Welcome Home Veterans the up most respect and attention is given to each and every veteran.”