Red vs. Blue Bartender Challenge

2020 Red vs. Blue Bartender Challenge

Please join us at the Ambassadors’ Spring Fundraiser, the Red vs. Blue Bartender Challenge. Come support your favorite Winter Carnival characters as they battle for the title of Greatest Bartender in the Realm! Watch the competitors go head-to-head in five grueling rounds that will put their talents and their charm to the test.

Show your allegiance to Red or Blue by tipping your favorite bartender(s). The tips will be totaled at the end of each round. The bartenders with the most tips on either side will compete in the Championship Round to determine the winner of the challenge.

Only one side can win! Who will you choose?


Future dates will be announced. Please follow us on Facebook to learn more about virtual and in-person events coming up!


Event proceeds will be used to support to the endeavors of the Ambassadors of the Saint Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation.  This includes charitable giving, scholarships, and support of the five Royal Ladies.